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Dirty Girl


Wanna take a bet you won’t find another car at home that says “Proud Father”?


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My New Ride


Yeah bro. I ride the baddest hog on two wheels you’ll ever come across. Mess with me and the iron horse and you’ll catch my fire…or it will catch fire. Depending on how long I charge it. Doesn’t matter. Don’t mess with me is all I’m saying.


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You Shall Not Pass


Gandalf the Brown over here. And you’re probably asking yourself “The brown? Why brown?” – the reason is he seems crazy as shit and if you walked past him I’m sure he’d scare the shit out of you too. So, meet Gandalf the Brown.

West Virginia

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Roy G. Biv


This mythical creature can morph into a unicorn and poop butterflies while it hunts for gluten-free tacos in the wild…


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