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Photoshop Contest!


I can sit here all day and tell you what I see in this picture but that wouldn’t allow you guys to showcase your creative side. So how about you guys show us what you’re seeing in a Photoshop Contest!!! Send us your best work and we’ll pick a lucky winner that will get something. Not sure what. Maybe half a jar of pickles or something cool like that.


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WWIB: In The Family


Twinsie-ville USA over here! Okay, so which is better (worse?) I don’t know. Twinsie with your siter or twinsie with yo momma?


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You Can’t See Me


John Cena is a WWE Superstar and actor (kinda) and rapper (sorta) and basically just an all around good guy. Can’t hate on a guy that make kids that happy!


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Emoji Contest!


Okay, looks like she has set herself up for a modified Caption Contest!!!!!! Give us your best comment using emojis only! Have fun! "</p

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