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5 Juicy Flavors


You must have been the one person growing up that actually liked the taste of¬†Fruit Stripe Gum¬†because that’s the only logical explanation behind your car color choice…which again, mirrors your poor taste.


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Tickle Me Elmo


Listen dude, I don’t want to tell you how to go about your fashion sense, but my first impression of your Elmo jammy bottoms and a pink camo top just looks like something a pedophile would use to hunt. Yeah I know, terrible thing to say, but c’mon dude, you look like an exaggerated cartoon stereotype.


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TP Time


Do people honestly not feel that grimy, shoebox-type paper on their ass when they stand up? Just the thought of that texture on my sensitive booty is what keeps me up at night in terror.


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You Fancy Huh?


I can’t tell if this is a weird creepy chick or an even weirder creepier dude. I can tell you I’m not going to get close enough to find out.


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