Photo Op Wasted

My boyfriend and I went to Wal-Mart to pick up a few groceries last Saturday. We kept hearing some woman screeching and yelling at her children, but it was a while before we actually saw her. One comment was “Yeah, but it is FROZEN? DUH!!” When we got to produce we saw her, she was middle aged, had a stringy permed mess of hair, dirty white flip-flops, and wearing nothing but a USA string bikini and a white mesh cover-up. My boyfriend begged me not to take a picture, besides we had made it obvious we were staring. Her husband was wearing jeans tight enough to see the “outline” and a periwinkle tank top, and had a handle bar mustache… I laughed the entire way through checkout and told the woman in front of me about this website. Next time I will not hesitate to snap a picture. I am a little angry with myself for not doing it!

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