The internet is a wonderful toy for you. Now you can take pictures on the sly of people and publish them on your site to be mocked. You should be proud of your accomplishment.

I guess if you stumbled upon me at a Walmart, I’d find my picture here too with all the snarky comments. Since I was in grade school, I’ve been made fun of. I’m not particularly good looking and I guess you would consider me a dork, an easy target. Since I can remember I’ve been exluded from things, mocked and have even been humilated in public by groups of people like you. I’ve been pelted with a snowball that had a rock inside it because I looked “like a queer” according the person who threw it to the delight of his friends. I guess it makes you feel superior and better than me. I actually had a fellow worker tell me to my face that “I was the ugliest thing she ever saw” in front of a line of customers at the store I was working at during Christmas.

I was lucky enough to find a girl and get married. Guess what? She’s a dork too. So for years, the both of us have been laughed at, even as adults. It’s great to live a lifetime being a victim. I’m sure you’ll enjoy my story, so go for it and feel good about yourself.

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1 Comment Hate Letters

Here Kitty Kitty!


At first I was like “What’s with the 3-foot pigtails?”, then I realized your cats probably like to bat them around and you just can’t bring yourself to take anything away that amuses old Whiskers and his friends.


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A Man & His Cock


Insert obvious cock joke here.

North Carolina

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Coughing Up A Furball


Covered from head to toe in fur. This leads me to two conclusions: (1) You might as well carry a sign that reads “Hey PETA bet you can’t get any red paint on me!” and (2) you probably have a really hairy bush. Gross I know, and i’m sure people will bitch, but before you send us hate mail stop for 1 second look at her and ask yourself if I’m wrong.

New Jersey

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