Unedited For Your Enjoyment

I have worked in Cosmetics for most of my adult life. We’re talking in a department store like Neiman-Marcus, Nordstrom, etc. so when we moved to a little place in the Foothills above Sacramento, I was limited as to where to work. Wal-Mart was it – so I applied. At first, when I was in Cosmetics, it was actually not that bad– aside from hillbillies trying to steal Maybelline, it was a job. Soon, however- I became a department manager— and then it rolled right down hill. Being a gay guy working for Wal-Mart is already like being a traitor to one’s race, but for a bit I was the Department Mnager for Intimate Apparel/ Hosiery/ Handbags/ Bras and Panties…… I KNOW– if I were a cross-dresser–hot!– but I am not and even though I am gay–it’s a little unnerving to be doing price changes on bras while women are trying them on. At least I thought they would be……………
Day 1: A woman with tits down to her ankles, fully discards her top – titties to the ground…pulls them up and shoves them in my face and says
“Ya got anything for these babies/” -her smile and beguiling summer teeth ( summer gone, summer black, etc.) tauntig me. Swallowing the vomit in my mouth I pointed to the tube socks and said—- “those outta work”…… I was written up for it.

Day 3: I am handed a metal spatula — the kind you would do caulking with — on a lanyard. I was like ????????? WTF? I should have known. When I asked about it– my little dressing room associate said –it’s to scrape the pantyliners from the swimsuits off the dressing room walls.
YUP. Nasty. The fact that is was on a lanyard to wear around your neck –unbelieveable.

THE KICKER: Some senior citizens have SERIOUS incontinence issues. We get it. Wear your depends and live your life. People steal A LOT from Wal-Mart, so it comes as no surprise to find dirty jeans in a heap on the dressing room floor–switched out for new ones. Beware of inside-out ones tho— as a girl associate of mine found out — she put her hand down the pantleg to turn it out and came back with an armful of shit. I am talkin from shoulder to nail covered in human excrement. It’s no wonder good help is hard to find…….shitty customers make it so.

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