The Walmart Flip Out

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The Hidden Pineapple


I see you found the hidden pineapple on Psych. Oh, and I also see that you spend a few hours each day applying makeup to tell the world that you’re different from them while on the inside you simply wish you could just blend in….or you are just extremely ugly and need to cover it up. Either way, enjoy scaring elderly people.


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140 Comments California  //  Featured Creature  //  Walmart Fashion

The Crusaders


Listen, looking back, the whole “crusader” thing didn’t really pan out for Christians in the PR department and I don’t even let the guys wearing ties and short sleeve dress shirts in my house, so I doubt I’m gonna hear you out on how to find Jesus.


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The Pink Wedgie


It looks like she intentionally pulled over shirt over her babe whale tail to let everyone know that she’s down to party.


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84 Comments California  //  Featured Creature  //  Short Shorts/No Shorts/Underwear  //  Walmart Fashion
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