Bra Fitting

While I was working at Walmart as a cashier, I walked past the fitting room to go on my break and an old lady came up to me with a bra. She asked me if I could help her because she wasn’t able to put the bra on herself. I reluctantly said “sure” because I felt bad and vowed to myself that I would look away. However, we got into the fitting room (fitting room worker must have been on break) and I just snapped the bra on the back for her. She quickly turned around and said “Do my boobs look too small for this cup?” and they did. I told her they did and she says “Well go get my daughter and tell her to bring me a bigger cup!” I was mad, I assumed she was alone. I went out there and found her daughter, a middle aged woman, and said to her “Next time your mom needs help trying on a bra and you are with her, you better go in and help her. It is not the responsibility of Walmart employees to do that.” The woman huffed and wanted to remark but walked to the fitting room. I was just mad that her daughter was there the whole time and wouldn’t help her mom with something so personal.

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