A Pool Of Blood From A Coffee Mug?

I was helping my mom shop a couple years ago. Her cart was full, and as we loaded items onto the line to check out, a coffee mug fell out and shattered onto the floor. I began to pick up the pieces, and noticed my foot was pouring the blood. Somehow, a piece of the mug sliced my foot open. I politely asked the cashier for some paper towels. She said she didn’t have any. So, as the floor began to turn red, I asked her to get some because I was bleeding. She told me again that she didn’t have any. By this point, I had the attention of everyone else… including a manager. By some miracle, when the manager demanded paper towels, the cashier reaches down, grabs a roll the size of my leg, and hands them to me…… I don’t think I have ever wanted to slap anyone more in my life. I still have a scar from that day. If it happens again, I will walk through the store, blood trail and all, and get my own stupid paper towels.

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