The Photo Shoot

My friend and I were, for some reason, sitting in the parking lot of Walmart before we went in to shop. My friend rolled down her window to finish her cigarette, when lo and behold, we heard a trashy girl talking behind our car. We both turned around (in unison) only to see a girl in gray yoga pants and a matching sports bra. Not only was she extremely scantily dressed, but a blonde woman with what appeared to be a bird’s nest on her head was snapping photographs of the supposed streetwalker. After this extremely professional and tasteful photo shoot (which included the aforementioned streetwalker squatting down and posing), the women walked their separate ways. So, to recap, not only was this woman having a photo shoot at 11 o clock at night, she flagged down another woman to shoot the pictures of her. Now, my friends, this was the epitome of Walmart glory.

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