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I’m sure back in the day that was a “cool” tattoo, but now it just looks like a permanent bra for your man boobs.


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These Little Piggies


Psssst, I’m gonna let you in on a little secret. The only adult to every successfully pull off pigtails was Britney Spears and that’s using the term “adult” very loosely. So how ’bout we rethink that look hunny?


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Super Rasta


You have to be really about that Rastafarian life to purchase that onesie there. I hope that company only made 3 of those, because anything after that seems like overkill for that market.


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Faux Nudey


Thought you were bottomless there for a second. Then I realized you weren’t and I found myself asking “Is what you have on even better than nothing?” and that’s an unfortunate thing if someone actually considers that about you.


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