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I live in a melting pot of different lifestyles, religions, backgrounds, etc. And apparently, ALL of them shop at Wal-Mart. Unfortunately for some of them, so do the “evangelical Christians” who have taken it upon themselves to minister to the heathens, and feel as though they have the right to do so in as rude and obnoxious a manner as they please.

I was raised by a Baptist mother who was intolerant of homosexuality, and because of this, I am raising my son to appreciate, respect, and love everyone, regardless of race, color, creed, and sexual orientation.

One day, while we were shopping for school clothes for my then 8-year old son, we were arguing about some clothes that I picked out for him. I thought they were cute, and he said they were too “baby-looking.” We were approached by a semi-flamboyant gay man who was also shopping with a small child, and he and I struck up a friendly conversation about boys and their taste in clothes as they get older, while the kids looked for things on the racks around us. My son picked up a shirt and said, “What about this one?” The man said, “That looks really nice. You have good taste!” We chatted for another minute, and then he and his child went on their way.

After they were out of earshot, a Pentecostal woman (I could tell her denomination by her long hair, long skirt, lack of jewelry or makeup, and the scowl on her face) walked up and said, “I wouldn’t buy ANYTHING for my child that was suggested by one of THOSE people.”
“Excuse me?” I said, immediately getting angry.

“It’s people like you, who are tolerant of those abominations, that will send this country straight to hell!” she replied.

I was at a loss for words, so incensed was I at this ignorance and hatred, trying to come up with something to say to get my point across without setting a bad example for my son. But my little boy, without missing a beat, says, “Ma’am, I’m sorry, but hating people for no reason will send you to hell faster than my mom being nice and talking to that nice man.”

The woman couldn’t really say anything after that, whether from embarrassment or anger I couldn’t tell. So I picked up my son, gave him a big kiss, and said to her, “Unless you come to Him like this little child, you shall not enter the kingdom of Heaven.” I know it wasn’t an exact quote, but I didn’t care. As I walked away, I said to my son, “Love, 1, Hate, 0.” And he high-fived me.

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Lane 13

So me and my son stopped at Walmart one afternoon to pick up a few items. It was a late hour, so you would think that it would not be as busy as the day. We had gathered our items and proceeded to the checkout line. Of course, they were all backed up. Over the intercom came a voice saying lane 13 would be opening, so we started towards that lane. Unloaded our stuff on to the belt and waited. And waited. And waited some more. After 10 minutes I asked the cashier if they were ever going open this lane, and she told me that sometimes they never get to what the intercom says. Now that I am irritated, I started to pile the items back in the cart and proceeded to another check out lane. Of course, still backed up. While waiting to be checked out in another lane, lane 13 finally opens, so me and my three year old son headed for that lane again when a small Asian lady pushed my son to the ground and shoved my cart aside to beat me to the checkout. Even after seeing this, the cashier did nothing but say, “First come, first serve.” My son was in tears laying on the ground! And the manager in charge, same thing.

Needless to say, another lane down a couple of off duty police officers saw the whole incident and asked the manager to check me out personally then have the loss prevention officer of the store pull the video footage of the scene. The Asian lady was charged child endangerment, along with finding a gram of crack in her coat pocket and the cashier was fired on the spot. During this whold stint, loss prevention said that 15 customer walked out after seeing this display!

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50 Cent Piece

My husband witnessed this while in the checkout line at Walmart:

Lady in front of him had purchases totaling 90 cents. She gave the cashier a 50 cent piece, 3 quarters, a dime and 5 pennies. Keep the denominations in mind. That is key.

Cashier: What’s this?

Lady: It is a 50 cent piece.

Cashier (examines it with a puzzled look): Ummm…

Lady: Yeah, that’s 50. And (counting the QUARTERS) 60, 70, 80. And this makes 85 (adding the DIME). 86, 87, 88, 89, 90 (counting the pennies..she at least counted those correctly).

Cashier (Holding up one of the quarters): I can’t accept this.

Lady: Why?

Cashier: It isn’t US currency. It says it is from Indiana.

My husband stood for a few minutes watching in disbelief as the cashier wouldn’t accept the quarter and neither the cashier nor the lady realized the coins actually added up to $1.40. Finally Jim couldn’t stand it any longer. He handed the 50 cent piece and 2 quarters to the cashier and said “This is $1. Give her 10 cents back. She can keep her Indiana money.”

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Brown Bomb Disposal

Back in 2005 a friend and myself decided to go grab some food at a local shopping complex that just happened to have a Walmart in it. We ordered our food and since there was a line it would take about 15 minutes. We decided to go check out the video games at the Walmart to pass the time.

We were cutting through the toy section to get to the video games we noticed two long brown steaks that looked like someone ran a cart through something. Already we both feared the worst as this was Walmart. Upon following the trail we found two shit filled diapers, the first mashed into oblivion on the floor with shit smeared all over the aisle and the second stuffed behind some toys on the shelf. The shelf bomb had the poo coming out the sides and the toys it was hidden behind clearly had adult shit-fingerprints on them. Both me and my buddy let out a long disgusted “ewwwww” before we started to dry heave.

Both my friend and I started to laugh at the vile display we saw and on our way out told one of the managers of our discovery. The manager looked at me blankly and after a pause said she would have someone take care of it. As we left the store we saw a gargantuan (female?) and her husband walking out with two shopping carts filled with junk and food and two (about) 5 year old boys coming out. My buddy pointed at there cart and started laughing as we both saw the shit from the aisle all over the part of the cart where the kids were…the father also seemed to notice he had some on his shoes, he proceeded to wipe it off on someones brand new Mini-cooper as he walked by it and continue on his way.

My friend and I got our food and after about half an hour of trying to eat we decided we really weren’t that hungry anymore. Curiosity got the better of us and we decided to venture back into the Walmart to see if the brown bombs had been taken care of….low and behold they had not…45 minutes later and the manager and employees had seen fit to let the excrement fester on the floor. How wonderful.

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