Freshly Churned

I was shopping in the frozen foods section of Walmart the other day looking for something to satisfy my sweet tooth. So while roaming the ice cream section I heard a noise above me, and I looked up in curiousity. There were a group of birds flying about, and not wanting to get pooped on, I moved away.

Later I still didn’t get the ice cream I wanted so I went back to get some. The birds were still there but I decided to brave them. Just then a mother in her twenties came around the corner with her little 5 year old. The mom got a bucket of rocky road and placed it in the cart. While she was looking at the frozen pizzas, one of the birds let off a little “load of relief”. The little boy wanted a taste of the “good white stuff” so the mother dipped her finger in the fresh pile not knowing what it was and let the boy lick it. The boy made a face, and started to cry. The mom then smelled her finger and yelled out “That is not fucking rocky road!!!!” then tossed the ice cream on the floor and left.

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