Walmart Fashion


Yoga! Yoga! Yoga!


Now, if I thought you were actually doing yoga I might give you a pass on the see through pants, but the socks with slippers is a dead giveaway that you’re not even thinking about getting down on a mat anytime soon.

New Mexico

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The Demo Phone


Ahhh, don’t you love how technology has made it like a billion times easier to see just how stupid people really are? It’s like a huge radar of who to avoid in life.


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Dr. Evil


And yet you know there are plenty of dudes that can’t see a red flag warning sign if it’s literally tattooed in front of them.

New Jersey

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Crazy For Cookies


I’m sure the creators of Sesame Street are all sorts of jazzed up about how we’ve taken their wholesome and lovable characters and wrecked the shit out of them. Well done society. Care to take a crap on any other pleasant childhood memories of mine?

New York

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