Okay (1) Decent pun there. Totes ma goats. Well played. (2) Now is as good as time as any to vent my frustration for the sudden overuse of the acronym GOAT or Greatest of All Time. You want to put it on Brady, whatever go for it. But since the Super Bowl I feel like every sports team is tossing GOAT around to anyone and everyone. You get 1 per sport, league-wide. That’s it. Brady, Jordan, Gretzky, Ruth. Done.


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Legs For Days

Excuse me miss, you’re ass is way to symmetrical to be shopping at Walmart. Tell your photographer to take you somewhere more realistic.


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Thank You, Thank You Very Much

And the award for weirdest normal party but coolest college party goes to…


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Acting Like A Real…


I feel like if you’re riding around with some crazy stuff written on your car you need to leave an explanation note for the rest of us. Did you cheat on someone? Did you piss off the wrong person? I need some background.

New York

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