Wine ‘Em, Dine ‘Em, 69 ‘Em


That pattern would look awful on a 1980’s couch and if I’m not mistaken, is that just a bunch of 69’s? Thanks for taking what was just ugly and making it inappropriate as well.


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More For Less

Last week my mom, who absolutely hates Walmart, was forced to stop there to pick something up real quick. We found what we needed and proceeded to the check out and decided to go for the 15 items or less line because it was the shortest of the long lines. Two people ahead of us was this dirty woman who was wearing no shoes and had about 10 little kiddies running around the store with a cart that was overflowing with stuff. My mom, being the upstanding citizen that she is, decides to confront the woman saying, “You do realize that this is the 15 items or less aisle right?” To which the other woman responded, “FUCK YOU BITCH!” My mother was absolutely taken back, but what was even more shocking was when the woman’s five-year-old son addressed his mother as a “Stupid cunt”.

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Young At Heart

Just when you think you’ve seen it all you find yourself coming around the corner in the hygiene section to find two over 70 year olds arguing over which lube will be the best. I mean kudos for them for having a sex life but for God’s sake do you have to have an argument at levels which a deaf man could hear about it?

Then as if that isn’t enough, I was in the check out line, when said old couple come into the line behind me. I was about the third person in line when they came into the line behind me. In 5 minutes they were arguing about whether they should have gotten ribbed, nubbed or vibrating condoms. Watching the mother in the line ahead of me try to occupy her kids from the conversation behind me, it occured to me what the hell did they need condoms for at 70 and could they shut up?

I turned around and said “Honestly, do you have to argue about this here so loudly? And why at 70 should you even be concerned with condoms?” I realised after the last thing I said I didn’t want to know.
Before I could turn around eliminating a response the woman said “We have lovers and they are both in their 30’s. We like a little fun in our marriage.” Yeah, I threw up in my mouth a little….

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Donnie Darko


Looks like Jack Skellington here is bringing us the ‘nightmare’ long before Christmas.


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Three Ring Focus

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