Jo-Ann Fabric


Oh yeah sure, I would definitely trust your color and fabric selection. It’s so obvious you are an expert at picking out winners! I’m sure that green will make a delectable wedding dress or something.


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Poppin’ Pills

When I worked at wal-mart, there was this understanding that if cold pills somehow got past our registers and we didn’t card, we would get fired. This included computer errors.

So a woman comes up to the register with a box of cold pills. I ring up the purchase, but it doesn’t ask for any age verification. When I explain to her that I need a manager to okay the purchace because of an age thing, she said “There’s a minimum age for that?”

So I turn out the light and continue to wait or about 7 minutes or so for a CSM to come by. During this time, we talk about the product. (What else am I going to discuss with her, the weather?)

“I’ve heard about this. It’s that new cold pill, right? It’s supposed to work pretty well. Do these ones still make you drowsy?”
-blank stare-

Well, she eventually tells me they were vaginal suppositories. I apologized, she walks off, and THEN the CSM walks up to nag about my light being off, and what I wanted.

Apparently every new cashier does this. It’s seen as a right of passage. I still feel really bad for her.

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Mrs. Ed


Why even bother trying to tame that wild horse? Maybe people will be more outraged when they see her tied to a hitching post outside.


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4 Comments Mullets/Tails  //  Pennsylvania

The Gator Chump


Way to shit the bed on your Wonderlic test for the NFL draft golden boy. What happened? Did you answer YES to: Does anybody outside of Gainesville, Florida like Tim Tebow?


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Three Ring Focus

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