Bowser’s Castle


This guy was just standing in line patiently minding his own business when WHAM! out of nowhere comes this red turtle shell that knocked him right over and allowed 4 people to pass him in line!


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Cat Scratch Fever


I appreciate the effort in trying to add some flare to your matching grey sweats combo, but it was probably better without the port holes and the stringy fringe balls that a cat wouldn’t even play with.


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Business Socks


Oh damn, Magic School Bus Lady is out in her best Cruella Deville garb. She probably saw how hard Willy was rocking the black and white and is out on the prowl.


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On The Wings Of Love


Check it out, it’s Tony Shalhoub from the TV show Wings. Don’t say Monk, just don’t even try me and say “Hey, that’s the dude from Monk.” I don’t care that he was on Monk, that’s Tony Shalhoub and he is from WINGS!!

West Virginia

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