Built Ford Tough…To Look At


I would never wish for people to lose their jobs, but I would absolutely love to see Ford have to shut down just to somehow make this guy look even dumber. Of course, maybe I’m just bitter because I have Pontiac across my chest, who knows.


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A Grimm ‘Tail’


Man, how pissed would you be if you took all that time and effort to climb Rapunzel’s hair and you found this gal here just chomping down a Snickers bar?


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Clean On The Outside


Don’t have any room for your kid’s snacks in your purse? Eatable Undies are a convenient way to satisfy your kid’s hunger in an easy transportable way!


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Betty Booped


Ah yes, the two piece Betty Boop outfit. This is what the kids today would refer to as “vintage” or “throwback” or “lives with 13 cats”.

New Mexico

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