I received an email with pictures from the site and it sparked my
curiosity- is there really a site for this? YES THERE IS! I check it
now every day for the new posts. I too was walking around Wal-Mart last
night just waiting for an unsuspecting victim. I will not allow my
mother to say to me anymore, “I don’t care what I am wearing, I’m just
going to Wal-Mart”. Out of respect, I will not be the one to turn her
in. Love you Mom!

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Quite possibly THE BEST thing i’ve ever seen. beats fml, tfln, and
about anything else you can think of. i don’t know how to write on the
love letters thing, but i just had to tell you. i REALLY want to go
to a walmart now.

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Just wanted to say I loved looking through your site!!!! Well done!! The
captions are hilarious – I’m not witty enough to come up with stuff like
that – awesome! To all the hate mailers out there – get over it – it’s
funny, you know it is. These people dress and act the way they do because
they choose to – they wake up in the morning, and pick out the cut off jean
shorts and hot pink mesh shirts to wear all while blowdrying that beautiful
mullet back – no one forced them, nor were they born wearing that ridiculous
outfit! Can’t wait to see more pictures!!!!

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You’re sight is incredibly funny, sadly authentic, and frighteningly
accurate. The worst part of it is, how many of these idiots proudly send
e-mails or call their friends and family and say “hey ya’ll, check out
this web site. I got my picture on it!!!” I would wager, it’s the same
as the one who call and say “hey mom, be sure to watch COPS tonight, I’m
gonna be on!” But, I do love the site.

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