I think this site is deplorable!!! There is nothing amusing about it and it is sick and wrong. I’m
horrified to know that a site such as this is available to the public!

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I looked over your website, and I feel that you really are harsh towards these people. I thought that the pictures of the different cars and the outrageous costumes could be interesting to look at, without the rude comments. And please get rid of the pictures mocking people in pajamas and clothes that don’t fit. The website itself would not be so bad if you did not make fun of all the people, and instead made it out as a portrait of the people of America. I feel that it is wrong to make fun of people for being different, and instead we should embrace the differences. Everyone has feelings, and what right do we have to hurt those feelings and to make fun of their personal sense of style? We live in America and we should be grateful that our country is so colorful and vast in personal tastes and styles. I do not feel that it is right to make fun of someone for just being who they are and enjoying fully their right of personal expression. If we were not all so different, our lives would be very boring, indeed. I also have to say, that I highly doubt that you always look your very best or choose all of your clothes based on the very latest fashion trends today, I know I don’t, like most people, I just can’t afford to. I agree that sometimes people wear things that really don’t show them in the best light, but who are we to judge? These could be really great people, and making fun of them for all the world to see is wrong. I try to teach my children not to judge and humiliate others, what kind of examples are you setting for your children? I also encourage my children to dress how they would like to, and even though some of their outfits are creative and a little on the flambouyant side, I would hate to see someone mocking them and writing rude captions about them for all to see. That’s a great way to continue the self-image issues that people have of themselves today, and I feel that we should be trying to bring others up during these times, not push them down. I really hope that you will think about the way you are portraying these people and reconsider the hurt you are spreading during a time when we should be spreading hope.

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You need to re-write your ‘About’ section. The purpose of your site is clearly all about creating something that is viral and will bring in dollars. Truly a sad waste of time…
“There is no reason to send us pictures of people that are seriously and unfortunately handicapped so don’t be an asshole. We are trying to have some fun here and there is a difference between someone who is mentally challenged and a person who has a fu Manchu and is still rocking MC Hammer pants.”
How would you know, you know nothing about anyone in these photographs, nor are you concerned with their personal history, you don’t even see them as human beings.
You prefer to call them homophobic slurs like “bull-dyke” and “bubba”. The bigotry is astounding…I can’t believe you have main-stream sponsorship. I personally think everyone should write to every single company that is patronizing this site to tell them what is up. Just because the majority of people that you have chosen to mock are white does not change the fact that this website screams bigotry and hatred, aimed at anyone who doesn’t fit the norm.

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PeopleOfWalmart.com Redesign

PeopleOfWalmart.com redesign changes & new features…

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