Wrap It Up


Yeah, I’m not sure I completely follow the logic behind your homemade hat, but I do know that covering it in plastic wrap to protect it is probably the right choice. You wouldn’t want a hat that can apparently survive all of those elements being exposed to those elements.

New York

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S’more Of What?


Well, if you are going to camp out and squat someplace, then right by the cash register seems smart. You have chapstick, gum, batteries, little plastic trinkets to play with, some blank gift cards, and some 5 Hour Energy drinks to keep that party rolling!


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Air-Horny For Attention


How much attention do you possibly crave that you feel the need to attach 3 air-horns to the top of a bike helmet? Honestly, does carrying 1 air-horn around in your hand not draw them in like it used to or something? Do people ignore you when you have an air-horn in each hand? Somebody please get this man’s mother and have her hug him for once!


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I’m Gonna Come At You Like a Spider Monkey


I was going to yell about the safety and sanitary conditions of shopping with your pet monkey thing, but you put it in a tiny dress so I can’t say anything that doesn’t involve the word ‘adorable’.


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