Let Down Your Hair

Dear Rapunzel, that looks HEAVY AS HELL!!! It looks like a rolled up rug chillin’ on your dome! How/why do you put up with that?
P.S. I like your short yellow shorts and big shoes.

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Farm Love

On that special day, nothing says ‘I Love You’ more than a Cow Limo with a big piece of sh*t on the trunk……although rolling up to prom in this limo is actually a pretty sweet idea.

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Hike ‘Em Up

Hey Mom, see if you can pull those shorts up a little higher for us, that would be great. I guess you figured since you weren’t wearing underwear you could get a little color on those buns.

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283 Comments Short Shorts/No Shorts/Underwear

Full Magazine

Say something bad about Bingo. I dare you. Go ahead, crack a joke funny man. Grandma got a full magazine and won’t hesitate to empty it on you!

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