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Peeping Mike

Utica – The Utica public works employee’s job with the city is up in the air after admitting in court Wednesday that he placed a camera under women’s skirts in a Walmart store last summer, officials said.

Michael Scotellaro, 54, of Utica, pleaded guilty in Oneida County Court to second-degree unlawful surveillance, a felony.

Scotellaro is due to be sentenced by Judge Barry M. Donalty on Wednesday, May 30, at which time he will be placed on 5 years of probation with six months of house arrest. Scotellaro could go to prison as a second felony offender if he commits any more felonies in the next 10 years, Donalty warned.

“It won’t happen,” Scotellaro said about any future crimes.

Scotellaro also was initially charged last October with six felony counts of possessing a sexual performance of a child after police reported that child pornography had been discovered on his home computer.

But in court, there was no mention of the alleged child pornography, which Scotellaro’s attorney had previously denied Scotellaro had any knowledge of.

“Prosecutors dismissed the whole pornography case in exchange for his guilty plea to the unlawful surveillance,” said Scotellaro’s attorney, Frank Policelli.

Although Scotellaro continues to work as a heavy equipment operator for the city, DPW officials said they are considering whether his guilty plea will affect his employment.

“We’re going to be having some discussions to see where we’re going to go with this, as far as what we may do with him,” city DPW Commissioner David Short said. “It’s relatively new to all of us, so we’re still trying to wrap our thoughts around all of this.”

In court, Scotellaro admitted that he followed women in the North Utica Walmart and placed a camera up their skirts last summer without their knowledge.

But because Scotellaro was not asked in court to specify any dates or times, it remains unclear whether he committed these acts while he was on city work time. Although prosecutors declined to comment on that issue, Short said it is something he will look into.

“Whatever the DA may give us to review, at that point we’ll see what evidence we have against him and then we’ll make a decision at that point,” Short said.

By pleading guilty, Scotellaro waived his right to have his case presented to a grand jury.

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So Close

I was in the world of Wally the other day with my husband, grabbing a few items we needed, but couldn’t get in a one stop spot save from Walmart. Reluctantly, we grabbed a cart, and to our surprise, it wasn’t broken. We made our way through the store to pick up milk, shampoo, a new Rock band controller, some yarn and dog food. Went off without a hitch. Everything was on the shelves, clearly marked and priced, and an associate even offered help on her own free will. There weren’t any screaming babies or half clad over weight women. I didn’t even see a single mullet. Convinced I was about to wake up at any moment, I decided to rush to the front to pay for our items and high tail it outta there to see if we’d won the lottery or inherited some small profitable country. We get to the front, and the lanes are open. Open with no customers. No waiting to check out… Surely hell’s temperature had dropped to 14 Kelvins. We check out and just as we’re about to hand over the money, the store manager walked by us. There was a smell lingering in the air so putrid I gagged. I looked around, and the manager himself had exploded in what must’ve been the in store Taco Bell, and there is feces stained on the back of his pants and coming down his right leg, even leaving a trail on the floor. I swiped my card as quickly as I could, exchanged a look with my husband of disgust and we hurriedly left the store.

Once we got to the car I felt very foolish and stupid that I could assume a perfect visit to Walmart is more than just fantasy… still beating myself up over than one.

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Childhood Trauma

My family lived in a tiny North Carolina town where a Walmart was the only store that did not sell quilted objects exclusively. So, even though we hated it, Walmart was our store. One day, I was at the store with my mom. We were getting ready to check-out and the line was quite long. I was hot and tired and driving my mom crazy so she sent me to sit on the bench while she paid.

I sat down, trying to see if my mom was going to buy me some candy, when an old man came and sat down next to me. He was wearing a trucker hat and had the biggest belly I had ever seen. He leaned in and said, “Hey little lady, you wanna see something cool?” I look at him and tentatively nod my head. “Alrighty then!” he says and he takes out his FRONT TEETH! I stared at him in horror and he just laughed at me.

I was seven at the time. Walmart benches still freak me out fifteen years later.

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The Intanet

My Korean friend works in a Walmart in Tennessee, so naturally you see plenty of stereotypical rednecks and such down there in just a day.

He was assisting a woman in finding a few skin products she needed when they ran into one that my friend knew they didn’t sell. Probably because it was a Target brand. The woman threw a fit about it and said she would never leave them alone until they had it in stock. He tried to tell her that certain brands are restricted to certain lines of stores and that this certain brand was not one Walmart could possibly sell, as well as recommending similar products that they did sell and had in stock. She complained that she “don’t have this problem” when she “buy from the intanet.”

The woman claimed that he was trying to rip her off and get more money from her for a lower quality product. After repeating his explanation for about the fifth time, the lady cut him off and told him to learn English because of his slight accent and told him she was going to complain to his manager and ask for the “crazy chinky crackhead” to be fired. My friend simply buried his face in his hands and said “okay.”

Turns out, this lady kept her word and my friend was spoken to about it. Spoken one word, that was “What?” followed by a storm of laughter.

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