If I Can’t Have ‘Em, Then Nobody Can

I used to be a customer service manager at Walmart. There were a lot of people that would come in and use the electric carts and try to take off without paying for their stuff. Well there was one woman who took it to the next level by sitting on the stuff she was trying to steal. She was a large woman. When she went through the doors and the alarm went off, the door greeter stopped her and asked her to get up. She proceded to urinate on the items she had stashed under her butt.

She was arrested.

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  1. WM in TN says:

    As much as I’d love to say I’m surprised, in my years working in Walmart customer service, nothing—*nothing* can shock me anymore.

  2. Ren says:

    Mental sickness is a problem that can strike anyone of us, at anytime for no reason. People who are marathon runners sometimes develop lung cancer, and pack a day smokers live to old age never having a lung cancer. Lets hope the county you reside in has the resources to help provide some of the basic necessities like food and shelter to people who are chronically unable to support themselves. Should the problems of others who are in capable of surviving just be left to starve in the streets and eating out of trash cans? This is never a pleasant thing to see, but as you know, happens to people. Those of us who do not have families or children will often die alone without an estate or will. It’s a good thing the government has deigned systems in place for facilitating the possessions of the deceased. Working at Walmart does suck, but that’s only if your co-workers are adding to the suck. If your doing a store or even a department transfer, instead of doing this blindly, maybe take a minute to meet and greet the associates, leads, and dept manager. Also they used to pay $1 / hr more at my local stores for working on Sundays, which I thought was a nice gesture to those of us who are religious and follow Sunday as the day of rest. I think the Jews practice the Sabbath on Fridays though, which if you are Jewish and working on Fridays, HR and management may pay the $1 more on Friday instead of Sunday.

  3. (Random Person) ((don't want to put actual name for personal reasons) says:

    Did she have to wait to need to pee & then go to the store? Also, I hope those weren’t Oreos under there.

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