Unedited For Your Enjoyment

I was leaving my local wal-mart getting in to my car when i noticed a very odd site. There was a man in the parking lot next to his car across from my own car. He had a giant bottle of water, some terry cloths and a bottle of armor-all in his hands, yet he was not making an attempt to get into his car…. curious i sat in my car to see what he was doing and if that was indeed his car. Anyway this man proceeded to open the bottle of water and dump it on the car. Then he wiped the car down with a terry cloth. THEN he started spraying the car down with the armor-all and wiping it after with the terry cloth… i thought “WOW, REALLY??????? You couldn’t wait till you got home to do that in your driveway????” i found this very bizzare and humorous!! i tried to get a picture to go with it but i couldnt get a good enough shot of Mr. wash my car in the wal-mart parking lot!

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