Smack That

One day, while I was babysitting my 5 year old niece, my brother calls me and asks if I will run to Wal-Mart for him and get groceries. I agreed. While my niece and I were in the store, she started acting up; talking back, not listening, running off, etc. So, like her parents would, […]


I was an ICS Associate at my Walmart. One day at work, we heard that a customer was caught trying to mix his own paint in our hardware section. We all started to talk about how stupid it was that someone would do that since all the equipment was behind a counter and looked generally […]

Walmart Bumper Cars

My son and I were walking back to our car which was parked way out near the street when we heard a squealing of tires and a crash. We looked over into the next row of parked cars to see a woman in a midsize green car pushing a parked car as she turned left. […]