Love Love Love the site ! Keep the pictures coming..Oh and the captions are hilariously funny and true !


Well, props to you, PoWM. Never in my life has a website made me laugh so hard. I do not laugh easily at things and I promise you I’m not just laughing because of how stupid half these people are to even THINK of going out in public like they do. Your jokes below the […]


Honestly, I get it. I have seen similar people out and about in my daily life, and yes, I quietly laughed. It is a natural reaction. But you take it so much further. Why? Sure, some people like to see it. I imagine it makes them feel slightly better about some of the choices they […]

Park & Ride

About a year ago, my brother and I decided to stop by Walmart to pick up a movie and some snacks fairly late on a Saturday night. As we were driving through the parking lot, I noticed a pickup with a canopy and two people in the back parked near the road. As I wasn’t […]