Mrs. Arnold

Thank you thank you thank you! I can’t say it enough! I worked for Walmart (various locations around Ohio) for SEVEN LONG YEARS. Now that I’m not working there anymore, I started to miss the oddities that shopped there! I can get my fill everyday now! 🙂


I AM SO SICK OF YOU 3 ASSHOLES POSTING PICS OF MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY!!!! Seriously, keep up the good work!!!! I’ll be on the look out for photo op’s everytime I go to Walmart!!!! I cant wait to see one of the pics I take to end up on your site!!!!


I used to work at Walmart. One morning when I came in, I overheard some of my co-workers talking about how the overnight clean up found a pile of poo near one of the big black freezer bins in the middle of the grocery isles. I figured “no way”, so I went up to a […]