Mouth Feces

Well, my brother and I were walking into Wal-mart to do our shopping. After a little while we saw a man walking out. Ok… So what? That’s what my brother said when I told him to look at the man. He was normal from the feet to his torso. He wore those freaky earrings that […]

Hike ‘Em Up

So, I was waiting in line at Guest Services to return an item when I noticed the couple in front of me. This couple had to have been in their 50’s at least. The man was skinny and lanky, wearing jeans and a plaid long sleeve shirt. The woman was wearing a red hoodie and […]

Junk In The Trunk

I was walking to my car after shopping at my local Wal-mart when I had to stop and do a double take. I saw a little blue car with its back seat completely filled with groceries. I mean there were no air pockets between plastic bags. This, however, wasn’t what stopped me. After taking a […]