I just want to say that ever since the first day i looked at your website, i have been a fan. the person who does the captions just fucking cracks me up. usually when im feeling down about myself or any other reason POW never fails to cheer me up and leave me in tears […]


Thanks for the great site. I used to dread going to Walmart and having to interact with the dregs of society. Thanks to your site I can now make a game of it. Kind of like going on a photo safari. Ignore those who think it’s their god given right to look as dreadful as […]


I just would like to say thank you so much for portraying the weirdness of Walmart! You would not believe how many people think Walmart is a perfectly normal place… well you probably would because most of them end up on this site!! We have a Walmart a few minutes away from our house and […]


Yes this site is sick. No it’s not morale. Yes you should be ashamed. Yes I love it. Keep up the good work guys.