Bad Day? Or A Good Day?

what is going on

We all have bad days. We all have our good days. If I’m in this persons shoes, I’m having a rough time deciphering which kind of day I’m having. Just another day at Wally World.


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  1. Joe Scheiss says:

    I’d have to hand frisk her. I’m guessing she’s shop lifting at least 2 water melons in her blouse.

  2. Don says:

    Chewbacca’s Mom?

  3. Canuck Guy says:

    Yee haw!

    I’d hit that shit!

  4. What Is It? says:

    I get the distinct impression this individual is able to mate with him/herself. When it comes to this person, the term GFY is a distinct possibility!

  5. Bubba W says:

    Damn, look at those teeth!

  6. RichKitty06 says:

    Looks like all that jewelry would constrict some blood vessels. Ouch.

  7. Harry DingleBerry says:

    I bet this 75yr old trailer trash whore only charges a pac of luckies for a toothless hummer

  8. Rob huub says:

    Good day? This thing has never had a good day in 46 years of existence.

  9. What the says:

    What the hell IS that thing? I’m surprised some of the desperate Dan’s on this site who want to bang, well basically everything else don’t want a go at this thing. Frankly, it’s not the right flavour for me. That’s a woman in SOME form….sort of. I like men. Well, men NOT in women’s clothes.

  10. Gertie Dingle says:

    this 70yr old trailer park hoe only charges a pac of luckies for a toothless hummer

  11. Gertie Dingle says:

    even 80yr old whore’s have to shopping too

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