Boxers Mask – Hanes Keeping Everyone Safe One Pair At A Time

Boxers Mask

Boxers Mask, apparently Hanes works great for PPE!


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  1. Joe Biden says:

    It’s another required “No Priden Hiden Biden” Mask.

  2. NoMoJoe says:

    Let’s get more pics of the girl. I don’t need any more pics of dudes wearin’ shitty underwear on their faces …

  3. PublicEnema says:

    That’s funny wasn’t his underwear white when he came in?

  4. Steve Canyon says:

    Are you kidding? This guy’s a genius. Walk into Walmart, shoplift one pair of underwear a week by using it as a mask, and the guy never has to do his laundry. Brilliant!

  5. Steve says:

    Interesting the number of Walmart shoppers who use underwear or sanitary pads as masks. Not sure if this is a form of protest or just dumbassery, but if you are one of the “I can’t breathe!” anti-maskers, try wearing an actual fucking mask!

  6. OSHA says:

    Just as an FYI…

    Hanes actually does make masks, out of the same materials they make their t-shirts and undershorts. They come in packs of five, with the admonition to wash them after each use, and to dispose of them after twenty uses.

    If you’re forced to wear a mask (and you all will be forced to — forever — until you all rise up and demand your mayors and governors stop the lunacy), then Hanes face coverings are the way to go.

  7. Public Enema says:

    This guy is a shart waiting to happen.

    Public Enema

  8. Jayto says:

    I’m sure he has no clue to use what’s in his cart.

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