Camping Trip

While I was growing up, my mother and father operated a dog kennel. Not long after I got my driver’s license, I was asked to help with the “kennel errands”. One such errand was for me to go to Wal-Mart and pick up a large quantity of canned dog food. Just as every 16 year old girl…I was absolutely ecstatic to be doing this chore! Please note the sarcasm… So, if this ordeal wasn’t bad enough, I then had to get into the checkout line with about 10 cases of dog food. While in line I had the nicest man, with no teeth and no shoes eyeing up my filled cart. I tried to ignore him, but he tapped me on the shoulder and started talking. He asks, “Whatcha doin’ with all that DAWG Food??” Before I could answer he comes back with…”Are ya goin’ CAMPING???” Apparently I had the perfect supplies for a kick ass camping trip! I mean, everybody eats dog food in the woods, right? So I answered “Yes, I am! How did you know?” The dude was sooo excited that he wanted to help me load my car! I politely declined and headed for the hills…with all my DAWG FOOD!

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