Too. Damn. Easy.

Bud, you think 1997 Ford Explorers just grow on tress? Wrong, you need wads of cash to ball out like this. Get in on the secret now!!!


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Sweet & Sassy

Gotta keep a stash of sweets for his sweets, ya feel me?


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Christmas In Boston

Shoutout to the Boston Bruins for getting in a little Walmart Christmas shopping for the kids. Just a heads up to the kid that gets gifts from Brad Marchand, you may want to Lysol them before you play with them. He probably licked it.


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Lil’ Peep


First thing my daddy taught me was that if you were going to cross-dress in tight girls clothing you better be hung like a moose or people won’t be just laughing at the outfits….Actually my daddy never taught me that. That is just common sense right there but I wanted it to seem more wise than it is.


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