Merry Xmas

About 2 years ago, my daughter and I went to Walmart. When we got in the checkout line there was a lady in front of us with three young children. The children were acting up, horsing around. They began to complain to their mother about something, and the mother kept trying to shush them. At one point she screamed loudly at them “You better settle your ass down. You are going to have a Merry F*#$ing Christmas whether you like it or not.” That was a quote.

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From The Mouth Of A Walcreature

My husband, myself and 2 young boys made a trip to Walmart, one that we call ghetto-mart, it is worse than any other one we have been to. He was holding my 4 month old son walking right against the parked cars, my 4 year old was holding the side of the cart I was pushing. A weighed down mini van drove down the parking row then abruptly stopped 5′ in front of us and starts backing up toward us and was inching closer. Finally I yelled “hey” grabbed my 4 yr old, to move and leave the cart ot be hit. I look over and a 400lb women was driving and flipping me off with MITTENS ON! While the 300lb husband got out of the van and started yelling obscenities at me. So my husband comes over hands me the baby and tells the guy to stop cussing in front of our kids and theirs (in the van).He then starts cussing at him, threatening him because I should have shut my trap because they saw us! Finally to I had to threaten calling the police if he didn’t leave! Gotta love walmart, never go b!
ack again!

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My bf and I just got back from stopping by Walmart on the way home to pick up MILK and ONLY MILK. That’s always how it starts right? Some lady had three German shepherd mixes in a shopping cart outside, giving them away for free. I picked one up and (keep in mind, it was about 9 pm so it was dark) noticed a couple small ticks on the 2 month old pup. No biggie, we had shampoo and spray and tweezers at home. We finished our shopping and left and the woman was GONE. We got home to find out that this poor dog had nearly 200 ticks on it’s tiny body, even some as big as kidney beans stacked up under it’s arms 4 or 5 ticks deep. My great boyfriend sat there and bathed this poor dog and spent about two hours picking every last tick off. He’s still getting used to his new home but definitely has a fitting new name, Lucky. Partly because that woman better thank her lucky stars we don’t know where she lives!

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The Tough Guys

We were standing in line at the checkout behind 2 larger women wearing dirty pajamas and a man in ‘gangster’ clothes all in there mid twenties. We overheard them talking about how tough they were and how these people looked like they wanted to fight; and they were “getting all up in their sh*t” (We had no idea who they were talking about and didn’t pay much attention). One of the women states that she will go ask them if they want to fight in the parking lot. She gets out of the line and walks across to a group of girls who could not have been older than 12 or 13 also in line buying clothes and makeup. She marches up to them and asks rudely with a lot of obscenities if they wanted to fight. To which the terrified girls replied no. The women returned to our line calling them “sissies” and “b*tches” for not wanting to fight. You look really tough trying to fight 12 year olds now don’t you…

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