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Well lets just say me and a few friends and our dates decided to ditch prom and come to none other Walmart! we were in our dresses and all. Being in Eastern Kentucky this is a normal occurrance since we have no malls…. Walmart is our mall! Some little girl even called us Princesses. That night will be a prom night I will never forget. I’m glad to have made Walmart a part of my prom. Thanks for staying open 24/7.

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“The Man Went Berserk.”

Workers at the Walmart in Weslaco spend the early part of Saturday afternoon cleaning up the produce section of the big box retailer.

According to witnesses, the man walked in sometime past noon and threw a tantrum inside the store.

Witnesses said the man threatened people, and then set off a fire extinguisher on the produce section, blanketing fruits and vegetables with the white residue.

“The man went berserk,” an anonymous shopper told Action 4 News. “He was crazy.”

At this time it is unclear what caused the man to get agitated, or what happened to him after.

Walmart employees, while wearing surgical masks, blocked off the entire produce section as they cleaned up the damage.

One of the workers told Action 4 News the man was an ex-convict that was just released from prison.

The store management would not release details about what happened and referred all questions to the Walmart Media Relations office.

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The Stolen Sunglasses

A 15-year-old was arrested when he took his anger out on his mother, store employees and a police officer after being detained for stealing a pair of Michigan Wolverines sunglasses.

The incident occurred at about 5:30 p.m. Feb. 3 at Walmart, 23800 Allen Road.

According to store employees, the boy was seen taking the sunglasses, ripping off the tag and then putting them on his head to wear out of the store.

He was confronted by a loss prevention officer as he tried to leave the business with his mother and younger brother.

Once stopped, the teenager took the sunglasses off his head, threw them at his mother and said, “You’re not making me go anywhere,” according to a police report.

The report said the teenager then grabbed the arm of the employee and began to struggle with him.

When other employees saw the scuffle, they rushed to assist in restraining the teen and putting him into the loss prevention office.

The teenager refused to give his name or cooperate with employees.

A loss prevention officer attempted to calm him down, but the teen stood up and attempted to leave the room, assaulting the employees again in the process, the report said.

He was restrained and placed on a bench in the office.

Police arrived and an officer told the teenager to stand up and face the wall.

According to the report, the teen “made an aggressive move” toward the police officer and the loss prevention officer, saying, “I could have paid for this.”

The report said the officer took defensive action and forced the teenager to the floor.

He later was picked up off the floor and placed back on the bench before being transported to the police station.

According to an employee, the sunglasses were valued at $12.

The teen could face charges for assault, resisting arrest and theft.

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People Of Walmart: In The News

Granby (WSYR-TV) – Four women in Oswego County have been accused of loading up shopping carts and trying to steal more than $1,000 worth of merchandise from a Walmart location in the town of Granby.

When they were trying to make their getaway, Sheriff’s Deputies say one of the suspects – Cynthia Beauvais – left her purse and identification in a shopping cart. Sheriff’s Deputies arrested the 24-year-old Williamstown woman after she contacted them to retrieve her missing purse. Although Beauvais refused to surrender the other suspects, Sheriff’s Investigators eventually tracked them down through other acquaintances.

On Friday, Sheriff’s Deputies charged Cynthia D. Beauvais and Shauntel L. Beauvais, 22, both of 506 Cable Road, Williamstown; along with Shannon M. Beauvais, 25, of 6 Chinook Lane, Altmar, and Nicole Peck, 24, of 9 Chinook Lane, Altmar with grand larceny, a felony, and conspiracy, a misdemeanor.

Sheriff’s Deputies say the store manager was trying to get the suspects to stop when they left the purse and merchandise in the cart.

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