Baby Born In Walmart!


NEW YORK (MYFOXNY) – A baby was born inside a New York Walmart store.

Natalie Soana went into labor around 8 p.m. Thursday at the Walmart in the Orange County town of Wallkill, 65 miles north of New York City.

Soana had gone with her sister to purchase baby items and started to have contractions in the middle of an aisle.

Walmart workers called 911 and laid her down by the pharmacy on a bench.  They gathered blankets and customers helped deliver the baby.

Paramedics arrived and took over.

The baby girl, named Kourtney, weighed 6 pounds and 6 ounces.  Both mom and baby are doing well at the hospital.

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Walmart’s Dumbest Criminals: Throwin’ Hunnids


A single sheet of two photocopied $100 bills was in a printer Jarad S. Carr unsuccessfully tried to return to Walmart in Lake Hallie on Thursday, village police said.

After Carr physically resisted being arrested, police say they found three more counterfeit $100 bills on the man, who was also wanted on burglary and armed robbery warrants from St. Croix County.

According to Lake Hallie Police Chief Cal Smokowicz:

Police were called to Walmart at 3:05 p.m. Thursday because Carr, 37, of West Bend was trying to return a printer without receipts or proof he bought it from the Lake Hallie Walmart.

While inspecting the printer, a single sheet with two counterfeit $100 bills printed on it was found.

Carr insisted on returning the printer even after Walmart staffers refused to take it.

Officer Sam Eaton and Smokowicz talked to Carr, who said he didn’t want to speak to officers. After being told he was under arrest, Carr physically resisted at the store’s service counter.

Carr made repeated verbal threats to harm the officers. He was taken into custody without anyone being injured.

Police then found three additional counterfeit $100 bills on Carr, who was arrested for attempted theft by fraud, forgery and resisting arrest.

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Knife Found In Birthday Cake


LEWISTON, Maine (CNN) – A father in Maine says his son’s birthday party was ruined by his local Wal-mart bakery after they found a knife inside his son’s cake.

“It’s not supposed to happen you know?” Nathan Bibeau, father who discovered the knife, says.

Four pieces into the cake, Bibeau says they found a paring knife inside his son’s cake.
“It definitely put a damper with a lot of things, and I’m pretty disappointed with Wal-Mart,” Bibeau says.

They stopped the party and called Wal-Mart right away.

“People started leaving and the family was pretty upset,” Bibeau says.

Bibeau says he bought the cake in Auburn. The Wal-Mart spokeswoman says the store is taking immediate action to make sure this doesn’t happen to any other customers. The spokeswoman also says Wal-Mart is eliminating the use of that particular knife in bakeries across the country.

The spokeswoman went on to say, “This should not have happened. We’re thankful no one was hurt and sincerely apologize to our customers for their experience. We are reaching out to the family to resolve this.”

Bibeau says Wal-Mart offered a refund and called, asking how to make this better. He says, that’s still not enough.
“We’re not ever going to get that second birthday back ever, you know?” Bibeau says.

He says he has contacted a lawyer and is considering legal action against Wal-Mart.

“Things happen, of course, but if someone is able to make a mistake like that, they shouldn’t have hired them. I’m not going to hold a grudge. I’ll still shop at Wal-Mart,” Bibeau says.

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The Coupon Killer


A Florida woman is in jail on charges she threatened Walmart workers with a gun after the store refused her internet dollar-off coupon.

Mary Frances Alday of Crawfordville, near Tallahassee, was arrested Friday and charged with four counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and one count of battery, for allegedly ramming an assistant manager with a shopping cart. She was also charged with resisting arrest and battery of an officer, according to the arrest report.

The Wakulla County Sheriff’s news release says Alday is 61 years old, but the arrest report states she was born in June 1961, which would make her 51.

Alday became “extremely upset” that the Crawfordville Walmart would not accept her coupon and continued to “verbally abuse” the assistant manager while being escorted out, the deputy’s report says. When the supervisor said she was going to take down Alday’s license plate number, Alday replied, “If you follow me, I have something in my car for you.”

She then emerged from her 2011 Ford Escape SUV with a holstered handgun that she began waving at four employees, who went back inside “due to being in fear for their lives,” the arrest reports says. She then backed out of the parking lot and fled.

A sheriff’s detective soon stopped Alday and was joined by a deputy, who asked Alday if she had a gun. “Yes, I have a concealed weapons permit, and you are not taking my gun,” the arrest report states.

Alday refused to get out of her vehicle, and the deputy twice stunned her with his Taser after she reached toward the passenger seat and continued to struggle. The deputies then pulled her from the SUV and handcuffed her.

The gun — a loaded Smith & Wesson .38 Airweight — was found in the center console.

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