One busy Saturday afternoon, I was in the Express Lane just grabbing a few items. This particular register was also the only place to buy cigarettes. I was next in line and a young guy walked up to me and asked if he could cut. “I just need one pack of cigarettes,” he told me. I said sure, thinking it would only take him a minute but save him from having to go to the back of a rapidly growing line. I thought I was just making a nice gesture.

This guy proceeds to pay for his TWO packs of cigarettes with dimes and nickels from a ziploc baggie. At this point, I realize this dude is drunk. He’s counting painfully slow, slurring his words, and swaying. People behind me begin voicing their aggravation and I feel awful because my nice gesture has turned against me. “Drunk Guy” has been counting out money for a solid 5 minutes. Trying to speed Drunk Guy up, I ask the cashier how much more he needs and hand her the remaining $.50.

As I finally check-out, Drunk Guy starts looking at the magazines next to the register. He comes up to me with People and asks if I’ll throw it in with my stuff for him and pay for it too. I said, “No way,” and an angry guy behind me tells him to “just walk away.” Drunk Guy slowly swayed away. I mumbled a sorry to the people behind me as I quickly ran out of there.

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