Cookie Monster

At the moment, I am working at a Subway inside of a Walmart.

I had a customer come in one day and everything started out smoothly. This lady had been coming in for quite some time, so I kind of recognized her. She’s your typical Walmart customer. Overweight, looking like trailer trash and riding (as we call them in our store) a fat cart. She orders a footlong tuna sandwich and wants us to put all the veggies on it. So, like I said, everything was going smooth until after the veggies were placed on the sandwich. That’s when she said to me, “This may be a strange request.” At this point, I’m thinking that I’ve heard many a people say that, and it’s never really that strange. So, I ask her what she wants and she proceeded to ask me to put 4 white macadamia nut cookies on her tuna sandwich. I think I gave her a really disgusted look, but I’m not sure. I obliged and placed the cookies on her sandwich, but she wasn’t done yet. She then asked me to cover the cookies with vinegar until they were soggy and ready to fall apart. Then to top it off, she made me double up on the mayo over the soggy cookies. At this point, I felt like I wanted to puke all over her sandwich. I think I may have a little into the back of my throat.

This lady is now a regular customer and she gets this same thing every single day.

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