I don’t get it, how three probably intelligent people could come up with such a degrading website to other folks who are probably low income and can’t help their lack of sense of style. Are you intelligent? I think so, cause you came up with this site, put a lot of work into it, so I know you three clowns aren’t ‘that’ dumb. However, you did something really dumb with your intelligence, You created this whole ‘fiasco’ of a website to MOCK poor innocent people, just to hoist yourselves in the land of the WWW, so you could be cool. If I was your mother, I would smack the shit out of the three of you for this whole mess. I would. You deserve a serious spanking. Did your mothers teach you mannners? Oh I know you wont dare use my email cause I just questioned if your mothers’ did a good job raising you twerps. Anywho, I don’t care. I DO care that people’s mothers, and their children, are MOCKED on your website, on a regular basis. It is sick. I admit however, it is hard not to LOOK at some of the photos. Its difficult to pull away. But laugh? No, cause its pathetic. Because if I laughed at these poor folks, I’d be assholes just like you clowns. Anyway, I hope you all take this site down oneday, and let it become dust in the wind, but alas, you wont. You have created a monster. Well keep in mind what happened to Frankenstein, okay? Your monster may grow fangs and bite you in the ass one day, or somewhere else even, haha, where it will HURT.


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