Extreme Bowl Distress

I was working one night at the cigarette lane, which was located near the restrooms at the front of our Wal-Mart store when a middle-aged woman came out of the bathroom and made a beeline towards my lane. She asked me to call an ambulance because there was a young woman suffering from, and I quote “extreme bowl distress”. I informed her that I could not, but I called my manager over so that she could work the situation out. I returned to my lane and a few managers blocked off the entrance to the bathroom. I am laughing at this point because the woman is in the bathroom screaming, “I can’t get it out! It won’t come out!”  A few minutes later two paramedics went into the bathroom and when they exited the bathroom, the woman, who was in her mid twenties, was on a stretcher. After they left to take the women to the E.R., one of the members of management went into the bathroom and found two used enema kits that they lady had used.

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