From The Mouth Of A Walcreature

I was once admitted to a mental hospital for Bipolar disorder. There was a male nurse who worked there, named Ken who I fawking hated! One time I told him to fuck off and he had me locked up in a solitary cell for 2 weeks, with hardly any food or water or toilet. He jammed a needle in my ass so hard I had a bruise on it. He was a total prick..

I was released from the nut house eventually, and one day I was walking around Walmart, I saw that fucktard standing in line up at the checkout, with a long line of people behind him.

I wasn’t buying anything, so I just strolled right past him and said really loud, “Hey Ken!! How are you man? Hey! Did you ever get rid of those anal warts?”

He replies “haven’t changed a bit” (he was talking about me)

I said, “awww that’s too bad! Say hi to your boyfriend for me! See ya!

The best walmart moment ever!!

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