Glam Granny

Ok, so here I was with my husband and our two little ones at good ol’ Wally World and here was this very trendy dressed woman: Aeropostale form fitting shirt with the logo across the front, capris (form fitting as well), studded sliver belt, and those trendy little teen flip flops from  Wet Seal or some other store of the like. A lot classier than most attire in Wal-Mart, certainly, but there was one thing wrong with this picture. This woman was at LEAST in her 70’s, complete with the Sophia Petrillo (the mom from the Golden Girls) pouffy hair, blue colored and all.

It honestly looked like someone had took the head off of a 75 year old woman and put it on the body of a 15 year old girl. This shall haunt my nightmares as long as I am on this earth. And damn, I wish I could have somehow snapped a photo!

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