How Would You Handle This?

I have had a long-standing hatred for Walmart as do most decent people. Actually I’ve personally experienced most of the stories published to this site in my local Walmarts. This time, Walmart gave a little back to Stephen.

About a year ago I was working on the road out of hotels for a couple weeks and not near my local bank. When the ‘ol stipend came around I found myself reluctantly using a local WM for it’s check-cashing service.

After waiting in line at the customer service counter for about 17 days, it was finally my turn at the counter. Naturally, I was greeted by a young black, pregnant, female. Allegedly she was on hour 11, of a 12 hour shift and was extremely disheveled; worst night of her life.

I handed her my paycheck of $1,225 which required her to call for more cash. Her fellow employee promptly delivered the bank bag and handed her a stack of 50s. Seeing this, I jokingly said, “Hey new bills! Don’t let ’em stick together!” No reply. She finishes counting out the money, hands it to me, says have a nice day, and I step off to the side to recount it. (Duh)

I start counting in hundreds… 100, 200,…800,900,… 1100, 1200, 1300, …… 1400?……..1500??? ……… SEE’YA LATER!!!

I quit counting there, and calmly walk out the front door, hand clutching an enormous wad of cash. After final tally, Walmart ended up giving me an extra $1,300 on top of my paycheck. Yep, $2,525. In one transaction this young female mistakenly gave me more than she makes in a month. Not that she still works there after counting out her register that night.

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