It Looks Very Beautiful

Today I was in our local Wal-Mart picking up a new pair of work pants, some milk, and just browsing around for cheap clothes. I was trying on a cute plaid button up shirt and looking in one of those full-body mirrors they have around the clothing section when this older Mexican man comes up and starts browsing in the WOMANS clothes next to me. Take note – there was no child or woman with him. I swore I saw him when I was at the Ross store right down the street also. But anyways, there I was trying on this cute little shirt. By this time, this man is browsing through the same rack I am at. I unbotton the shirt and take it off, placing it in my cart. I here him say something, but I didn’t know it was to me because he had been on the phone just moments before. But he says it again, louder, and says “It looks very beautiful,” and smiles very creepily at me. I mutter “Thank you” and hurry away as quick as I can, while placing the button up shirt back on a nearby rack. What a stalker creep! Later, walking around the store, I saw him looking at the little girls clothes also…

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