It’s On My Shoes!

One night during my shift, I was on my 15 min break and went in to use the bathroom. I had to pee badly! As I just stepped into the men’s room a customer shoved by me and hurried himself to a stall.

Stepping up to the urinal, I heard a shuffling and the guy say “Come on, come on! Damn belt… there… got it!” Then all of a sudden I hear “FFFFFLLLLAAAAARRRRTTTTTT!-SPLAT!!!!”

The gentleman in the stall exclaimed “Oh shit, it’s all over my shoes!” I choked back a chuckle (loudly I might add) almost peeing my pants in the process! The guy in the stall yells to me…. “Hello? Are you still there? Could you help me please?”

I ran from the men’s room and went to front-end to use the other. The rest of the night I was worried that I was going to see that customer and go to management to tell on me. But nope nothing like that happened.

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