Kids Say The Darndest Things

When I was pregnant, I decided to go to Walmart at 2 a.m. to get cleaning supplies since I was going crazy wanting to clean. Well most know that a pregnant woman has a super tiny bladder (at least it feels that way). So I ran to the bathroom, and as soon as I walked in I heard this little kid saying “Eww momma that’s stinky. Why your poopies stink so bad?” I had to bite my lip because I was about to die laughing. I did my business and this kid is still complaining about how bad her mom’s poo stinks (she sounded 3 or 4).  As I’m washing my hands, they came out the bathroom and the mother was super red from what seemed like embarassment. This kid was still going on about how her poo stinks. Later as I’m in the check out line, they are two ahead of me. The little girl stands up in the cart and tells the check out girl “It’s okay, my mommy got all the stinkys out.”

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