Line Jumper

We always get groceries on Friday at Walmart because that’s when my boyfriend gets paid.

We finally get into a lane, and in front of us (me, my boyfriend, and our friend), is this trashy blond chick with the crappy stereotypical eye liner. Her and her friend are in two separate lines, yelling back and forth seeing who’s line is shorter. This is how it went:

My boyfriend: This is not about to fucking happen. [It did.]
Trashy blond: Hey, come over here, it’s shorter.
My boyfriend: If she’s coming over here, you guys are both getting in the back of the line.
Trashy blond: Are you kidding me? I have like three items.
My boyfriend: That doesn’t matter, you’re cutting in front of us and all of the people behind us.

[People behind us kind of take notice and agree]

Trashy blond: We’re staying right here.
My boyfriend: Don’t you have to admit that what you’re doing is fucking bullshit?
Trashy blond: Uh, no.
My boyfriend: Of course not, because you’re the one doing it.

[She started pulling an attitude with my boyfriend and I got annoyed.]

Me: Well, if it was happening to you, wouldn’t you be pissed off too? [Calm voice]
Trashy bitch: No, I’ve been waiting in this line forever. [To her friend] Bring me my cart!

[She brings it, but stays away. our friend pushes her cart out of the line and uses his body to “move her” XD]

Trashy blond: UH! BITCH!
Me: You’re not fucking staying there. [Annoyed voice]
Trashy blond: Uh, yeah, bitch, I am. [Gets a serious “cutesy attitude” with me and does a little wave]
Me: [Leans forward] You don’t want to fucking mess with me today, bitch.
Trashy blond: Oh, and what the fuck are you going to do about it?!
Me: What the fuck am I going to do about it?! [Pissed the fuck off]

[I quickly move around my cart and I was going after her. Just when I was about to hit her, My boyfriend and our friend grab me and she gets scared and yells for her friend. Friend was just as scared, didn’t want any of me. lol People behind us are very amused and want me to hit her.]

My boyfriend & our friend: You have got to fucking calm down. [Continues to say these things, but I ignore]
Me: Bitch, you think you’re so fucking cute. I will beat your fucking ass.
Trashy blond: You’re just mad because you’re fucking ugly.
Me: Oh, I’m fucking ugly? Well, I can fuck better than you. [lol I know, right?]
Trashy blond: [Continues to mouth]
My boyfriend: [Standing in front of me, half holding me back, said something about her being ugly – Don’t remember, I wasn’t paying much attention to him] You pop off one more time, and I’m going to let her beat your fucking ass and bash your head into that conveyor belt.

[Kind of calms down, her and I continue to mouth off at each other]

Me: I hope she’s fucking waiting for me in the parking lot. I am going to fucking hit her.
My boyfriend: You need to chill the fuck out. It’s over.
Me: She’s a fucking disrespectful little bitch, My boyfriend. Come on.

[Trashy blond gets checked out, I wait for her “goodbye” because I know she wants to have the last word.]

Trashy blond: BYE BITCH!
Me: [Flipping her off and saying it loud enough for her to hear across the store, everyone hears me] Eat shit and die, bitch.

So, the trashy blond was tad-ling on us to the clerk, she didn’t care.

Clerk: Don’t let it ruin your evening, it’s not worth it. You know she’s in the wrong, and that’s all that really matters.
Me: Yeah, I know, but it’s just about the disrespect, you know?
Clerk: I know, but hey, at least you weren’t born stupid.
Woman behind me: That was messed up. I would have hit her.
Me: I know, right? She called me ugly, trying to insult my appearance because she had nothing else to say.
Woman: [Shakes head] You are not ugly. I thought she was trashy.
Woman’s mother: I think you’re pretty cute. A lot of woman would kill to look like you!

[I blush and thank them, we check out, and start to leave as everyone is kind of giving us the “good job” looks and gestures.]

When we get to the parking lot, she was no where to be found. I was disappointed. Of course, I had a security guard follow me out to the truck.

It was all just about respect. Dis-respectfulness is my biggest pet peeve. Thankfully, my boyfriend was there to make sure I didn’t do something that would throw me in jail because of my temper. My boyfriend has finally seen me pissed off. He said I had him worried that him and our friend weren’t going to be able to pry me off of “this bitch”.

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