Lion King

Okay, so I never really thought that my small town in VA would have Walcreatures. I mean it’s a pretty decent town, but I guess I was wrong.

So I’m with a couple of friends its like almost 6:00pm and we are all wearing pjs (we are teenagers give us a break and I have been checking this site for pics of us, so far none). And all of a sudden we hear like animal calls coming from the little kids clothing. We just shrug it off thinking someone doesnt know how to handle there kids and it isnt a big deal. So we start walking to the electronics and we see a grown man wearing a floral hat with duct tape all over it in dirty ripped clothes with a get’r done shirt and the ugliest mullet you’ll ever see. He’s rolling on the floor with a huge dried up pee spot on his croch making lion noises. While his 300+ plus misses is looking at clothes 10X to small for her and a gut bigger than anything hanging over her too tight jeans. It was so gross!! Her makeup looked like it came straight out of ms.clown usa, and her strech marks were long and exposed. They had to take me home after that. I feel sorry for their children.

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