Microsoft Went Down 3 Points

Generally, I don’t see many crazy people at my local Walmart since we’re in an upper/middle class area.
A few weeks ago I noticed a very well dressed woman wearing designer clothes, hair all styled, looking like she’s about to head out to the country club. While doing my shopping, I noticed that every few items she would pick up, she would throw it on the ground really hard and dent the can/box whatever. The weirdest part was that she would put the damaged item in her cart after slamming it to the ground. Thinking this was rather peculiar, I followed her down a few more isles until she picked up a bottle of maple syrup. Again she slammed the bottle to the ground. Only this time, the bottle exploded sending the thick, sticky, maple syrup everywhere and pooling on the floor. She just walked away like nothing happened. I found the nearest employee (who looked totally shocked and dumbfounded when I told him what I’d seen) so he could clean up the mess. Later, while I was heading up to check out I noticed her at the check out arguing with the cashier about getting discounts on her “damaged items” with the syrup cleaning associate standing nearby talking with the manager.

I found out from a later visit that she had to play full price on every item AND for other items she had damaged throughout the store. When I see her around now I usually tell the employees of whatever store she’s in what her game is.

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